Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I haven't had anytime to write on here!  I have been studying for my Anatomy midterm for days and some of the information is finally starting to stick.  Last week, I had to turn in papers for my two other classes as the midterm and this week is dedicated to getting the endocrine, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems down.  It is so much information!  When I go to bed at night I feel like my brain is going to explode and I am exhausted.  Since my class is online, I have to go to the college to take the test in their testing center and I have until Wednesday of next week to take it.  Since my husband is home on the weekend, I thought to take it on Saturday...but now, I am thinking of taking it on Monday and taking the weekend to study some more.  He doesn't go to work until the maybe I can take it before he leaves.  An extra few days would be nice.  I get so nervous, because so much is on the line for each one of these tests.  Each anatomy test could make or break my chances of getting into the program and I want to make sure I am as prepared as possible.  I don't ever remember studying this much for my BA, and I still graduated with a 3.7...who knows...maybe I have selective memory of those years. 

Anyway...once I get through these midterms, I will be back up posting those photos of the dissection and some more nursing news I have read and would love to comment on.  Got my application for volunteering!!! yay!  Will be sending that out tomorrow.  That will be such a great experience.  I hope they can work with my tight schedule!  Ciao for now...Anna

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