Monday, October 4, 2010

What is up with me...

Today, I did my respiratory dissection on the fetal pig.  I took some pictures and I will post them soon.  Found the trachea and esophagus and counted the lobes of the lungs.  I was disappointed with my 16 out of 20 on the quiz is so frustrating to work so hard at it and then miss some anyway.  For the semester in Anatomy, I can miss 100 points and still get an A.  So far to date, I have missed 12 points.  My midterm is in a couple, I hope I do well.  I just have one more chapter to read - the digestive system - before the test on the 20th.
I am taking 2 other classes right now that are full of busy work.  I write papers and discussion boards on various topics.  This past week, I had to write a paper about language as a bridge or as a barrier in the movie The Terminal.  Then, I had to write a discussion about the Code of Ethics for Nursing.  Last week, I also had to research urinalysis drug testing and why and am pro/con and write a mock memo to the Factory Manager at a faux company about my recommendations.  None of it is really hard, but it is time consuming.  Neither of those classes are looked at for admissions to the nursing program, but they are required to graduate, so I have to pass.  Passing to me, though, means getting an A.  I have trouble just doing the minimum to get by and end up spending more time then probably necessary...time I should be spending on Anatomy that does count for admissions.
Other than that, fall is here...and though I do love my sweaters, I hate winter.  My fingers are cold and nearly numb as I type this.  I think it is about 63 in the house right now, but I refuse to turn the heat on-it would be admitting that it is cold or something.  Instead, I bundle up and hope for a warm day tomorrow to heat the house up.  I think it is supposed to be in the low 70s...Time to winterize the house and make sure the cars are ready for the snow and ice...ick!  I hate scraping windows and fighting the weather.  Give me sun!  Give me heat!  Maybe one day, I will move somewhere were winter never visits.  I do love to visit the apple orchard every fall.  I make applesauce and apple pies.  There is something about gathering my own food that warms my heart.  It makes me so happy!  I love to cook.  I made the greatest chicken marsala tonight with my neighbors.  I was vegetarian for about 6 months this year...for health reasons...I simply don't digest animal products well...but I decided to add some meat back in my diet because I love cooking for my friends and family...and well...they eat meat!  For the 6 months I was meatless, I would make a meal for me and one for my husband and son and I hated it!  It wasn't the extra cooking that bothered me, it was that we were not able to share a meal together and discuss the flavors.  I simply can't live like that.

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