Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nursing School Phone Apps

Nursing School Phone Apps

This is an article about Apple Apps that can be helpful to nursing students.  I don't have an Iphone....but this sounds pretty cool for those of you that do :)

Saturday...a new journey begins

December is going to be busy. 

Finals, papers, starting volunteering, the holidays, and the TEAS test...all scheduled before the New Year.  This coming Saturday, I start volunteering in the ER.  I will be working 8pm to 12am on the busiest night of the week.  I can't wait to see what I am responsible for, what I learn about the ER, and what I learn about myself.  I am curious to know if that is the type of environment I could see myself working in or if it is just too intense and causes me to have sleepless nights.  On Friday, I stop by to get my uniform and badges and to find out where I am to report Saturday night.  My schedule in the spring will be busy, but manageable.  I am taking Microbiology online and Advanced Physiology on campus.  My AP class will also be on Saturday's from 12pm to 5pm.  I chose this schedule so that I can still keep my son out of daycare a bit longer and to save money since my husband is off on Saturdays.  I love a busy schedule...it just keeps me ticking.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I see the light!

...at the end of the tunnel.  The next step of this journey is almost over.  I have about 3 weeks of classes left and then I can officially say that my prereqs will be done for one of the programs I am applying to.  I am still holding on to A's with final papers and final exams yet to come.  I have started studying for the TEAS test, which is the an assessment of basic academic skills.  It basically covers Reading, Spelling, Math, Vocab and Science.  It shouldn't be too bad...the hard sections for me are actually spelling and vocab...which in my opinion, are really hard to study for.  I plan on taking the test in January, right after the holidays.

I found a great stethoscope on craigslist!  I got a Littman SE II.  Normally, they cost about $80, and I got a brand new one, in the box, for $30.  My 3 year old keeps asking me to "Play Doctor!"  It is a lot of fun.  He listens to my heart and his own heart and then we switch.

This week is the dissection of the reproductive system for our fetal pigs...is it a boy or a girl??  Then it will be time to dispose of that sweet ham...do you just throw it away...bury it?  hmmmm....I have really loved this anatomy class.  I have learned so much and I am actually looking forward to Advanced Physiology where I know the systems and how they function will become even more clear. 

I went to my volunteering orientation at the hospital.  I learned all about HIPPA.  I am NOT TO BLOG about my experience as an ER volunteer or anything that I see...sorry!  It is all about patient privacy, even when you don't name names.  I have learned it is a very serious offense if you violate HIPPA and it is definitely something that you don't want on your record.  My lips will be sealed. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Doing what you love

I have always heard that the people that are happiest in their lives are the people that are fortunate enough to find a career that they love.  These people are the ones that say that for them, their work is not a job.  They say that they love to do it and it doesn't feel like work.  Yeah, right...Right???

Well, I have to admit, though I am not working as a nurse, I love to read every little thing I can about the subject of nursing.  I hope this is a good sign.  I have to write a final paper about the nursing profession for my technical writing class and the requirement is 5 sources.  I went to online to search the library and request some books and found 16 books that I wanted to read.  Not all of them are for the class, but there is a book about ER nursing...where I am going to be volunteering soon!!!!!!!!!!!!  so, I had to get that one...then there is a book about nursing today during budget cuts and nursing shortages and higher patient to nurse ratios....so, I had to get that one too.  Then there was a book about nursing care plans and one about nursing resumes....and on and on.  There was another about the first year of nursing, too....so I requested that one too.

I am happy to say that it looks like I will be volunteering at my local hospital in the ER department!  I am really interested in the ER, so I am excited to be in there to see if it could possibly be where I want to work once I graduate.  I will be working there on Saturday evenings!  Right now, I am taking TB tests and immunization screenings to make sure that I am up to date on all my shots in order to work there.  This coming Tuesday is an orientation.  They have to do a criminal background check and then check my references....when all comes back good, I will be cleared to start!  It looks like I should be able to start around the beginning of December :)  

Can you tell I am just a little bit excited?

Monday, November 1, 2010

November already!

I am always caught off guard when the calendar flips to the next month.  November already!  Thanksgiving is almost here, my third anatomy exam, and we are into the 11th week of classes.  I was busy this past week with 2 papers for my Communications and English classes and also worked my way through the Urinary System.  We are now onto Electrolyte and Acid/Base balance this week and then our 3rd exam next week.

Other than that, I am off to vote tomorrow morning and off to an interview at the hospital near my house for the volunteer position I mentioned a few weeks ago.  I am really excited!  I can't wait to hear what opportunities are available and to learn what the interviewer thinks I would be a good fit for in the hospital.

It is 10:35pm...back to studying.  At least one more hour or so...