Monday, May 30, 2011

Just tired

Some days, no matter how much I try, I can't get energized.  I'm tired.

My husband is working a killer 7 days a week...only 2 more weeks (I HOPE!) which means there is no real down time to relax for either of us.  Managing the house, my son, school is on me and it is never ending.  S is working so hard, so I can't nag at him that I need a break, because he needs a break too!  I can't wait for his current weekend project to be done so that I can have him around the house to relax some...even just to watch a movie or something.  N can sense that we are stressed and I feel bad about that.  He is only 3...but is it too much to as a 3 year old to play independently for just a few minutes while I try to get my Statistics homework done?  It probably is...I am his playmate after all...a bad one at that.  I did pick up some water colors last week and we have been having a good time doing that.  It is fun for him and a stress reliever for me. 

Taking 2 classes right now is killer one should ever sign up for a 6 week Statistics class...the things I do for an online option so that I don't have to find child care...only 3 more weeks...yes just 3.  GOOD.  Saturday night I took my first Psych exam.  It was 52 questions and we had 50 minutes.  I was not prepared...I had lazily skimmed the chapters to complete the discussions, quizzes and papers and will be fine. was a lot harder than I thought and I was having to look up a lot of stuff...ok...every question.  So...less than one minute a question.  Needless to say, I ran out of time and didn't finish some of the questions.  I had about 7 questions left and N started crying in his bed.  I tried to ignore it for about 2-3 minutes thinking he would fall back asleep.  But the cries got louder, and exam or not, I had to go and comfort him.  My "sshhh, sshhh.  Go back to sleep.  You're ok."  was not good enough.  I gave him a kiss on the forehead and he was on fire...FEVER!  Perfect timing!  Where is his dad??? Oh, yeah...working.  So, I picked him up, brought him out to the couch with me and tried to finish my exam...TIME OVER.  Oooops. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Even Better!!!! Accepted ABSN!!!!!!!!!!!!

It paid off.  I got into my number one choice...the ABSN program at my alma mater.  I saw the mailman stuffing the box at about 11am this morning and immediately threw my shoes on and ran to the box.  I saw a big envelope from the school and screamed and jumped.  Big envelopes are a good sign!!  I ran inside to my waiting 3 year old (who was sad that I didn't put his shoes on to go out to the mailbox) and did a little happy dance in the middle of the kitchen with him.  I then ripped it open to read the "Congratulations."  And that is all I needed :)  N was so excited because I was so excited that he proceeded to rip open all the mail and yell and scream in excitement with each bill and piece of junk mail.  What a happy way to begin the holiday weekend.
I already faxed over my acceptance letter and began to get all my immunization records in order.  I have an appointment on Tuesday for some boosters and a Hep B shot (the beginning of 3 that I need).

THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!  I need to call the ASN to tell them to give my spot to someone else, but I am going to wait until Tuesday for it all to sink in.

I am going to be an RN.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Accepted into ASN!!

Good News!  I am going to become an RN one way or another.  I got into my second choice, the community college ASN program.  I am very happy to have been accepted and will go there if I hear bad news from the ABSN program at the university.  Fingers still crossed and still stalking the mailbox.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is it to be or not to be...

The ASN program campuses have started to send out their letters...

Now starts the nervous/excited walks to the mailbox daily.  Today, nothing.  Tomorrow...we'll see!
I finished Advanced Physiology and Microbiology with the A's I needed for the ABSN program, so I feel pretty confident about my chances.  It is amazing how competitive it is!  I have just over a 3.9 and it isn't even a sure thing.

I started summer school and I am actually thinking it isn't going to be as bad as I thought.  I have a 6 weeks Statistics of Business and Economics class that I thought was going to be horrible, but so far so good.  I have had one test already and did just fine.  It takes some time for the concepts and all the symbols to sink in, but once they do, it really is pretty easy.  I hope it stays that way!

The Lifespan Development class I am taking seems really easy.  There is a lot of busy work, but none of it is too bad.  This week, for example, I have 3 quizzes, 3 forum posts, a web activity, a writing assignment, a syllabus quiz, and an exam.  Even with all isn't too bad.

I spent today looking around at some more daycare centers for my son for the fall.  One I went to didn't seem too bad and the other smelled like pee (crossed that one off!).  I am so lucky that he is so excited about going to school...he is practically begging me to take him.  When we are visiting these places, he wants to stay and never leave and tells me he loves it soooo much.  I am glad.

The other thing I have been working on is speaking Italian with him.  I am not sure when I stopped.  When he was a baby, I only spoke Italian and then somewhere along the line, I stopped.  Now that he is talking, he is speaking only English.  He understands Italian and responds appropriately in English....but anyway.  I felt pretty guilty that I let that happen.  He is with me 99% of the time, so I can't rely on my husband to teach him.  So, I have been speaking Italian as close to 100% of the time as I can and amazingly, in a few days, he is already saying more words.  He should pick it up just fine as long as I am diligent.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

keep truckin'

I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post.  I have been terribly, terribly busy.  I have been pounded for the past few weeks with exams and other responsibilities that I have not had a moment to reflect.  I fellow classmate asked me to help her study for exams, so tutoring her took some of my time.  I wish she would have done better than she did...I feel someone responsible that her grades were not better, but I know I did my best.  I got an A in Microbiology and provided I pass my AP final, I will also get an A in there.  That final is on Saturday.

I have also been busy trying to learn how another school systems, email, books, online courses, bursar etc.  I am taking 2 classes over the summer at another school to finalize the co-requisites for the ABSN program.  I am taking Statistics for Business and Economics and Life Span Development (a psychology class).  I have started looking over the syllabus and the psych class looks like a ton of reading and a number of 4-5 page papers.  The statistics class, on the other hand, looks REALLY hard!  I hope that all the special math symbols and excel format do not give me too much trouble.  I am not proficient in excel at all!  I have used it some, but I am still an newbie. Both my summer classes start a week from tomorrow.  I am on the hunt for the text books and I am downloading new software as we speak to so I can open some of the econ files.  It never ends...

Other than that, in my other life as a wife/mother/sister/ son slammed his head on the coffee table and one eyelid is really swollen.  I was really worried...but he seems fine.  I hate when he gets hurt!!  He is so wild and I tell him he needs to slow down and calm down and the response I get is, "But WHY??"  Well, son,  look at your face.

I am helping my brother move on Friday, going to a volunteer update course today and teaching my best friend how to make the world's best potato leek soup tonight.  I love being busy.