Monday, August 30, 2010

Motivation...where does it come from

There are so many days, nights, weekends....ok...a lot of times that there are so many other things that I would rather be doing than studying. I love to cook and could spend hours reading cookbooks and dreaming about new dishes to make. I love to come up with great tasting dishes with all the left over greens and other veggies and stuff in my pantry. I also love to play with my kid and hate it when I am studying and I get annoyed by him because I know he just wants some attention and a playmate. Studying, for me, a lot of times is deadline motivated only. What works for me is this...

On Sundays, I make a plan for the week of all the chapters I have to read, quizzes I need to take, exams I need to study for etc...and it looks a bit like this:

Note: This is not a to-do list. Those have never worked for me...I have to have dates and deadlines or it is too overwhelming and seemingly unachievable at first glance.

Read Chapter 16 Anatomy
Quiz Communications

Do practice quizzes Ch 16 Anatomy
Discussion Board English
Start paper Comm

etc etc etc

and then I celebrate when I get to cross things off and as long as it isn't a due date I have missed, I have no problem moving things to the next day. It keeps me focused and goal oriented and not overwhelmed. Also, I make mini goals as I am working through a chapter, too. If there are 5 sections in a chapter, I make a goal to get 2 sections done by lunch, for example and really strive to meet my mini goals so the big goals are easier to meet. I guess, now that I think about it, I do this in other parts of my life too. I never want to spend hours in the bathroom cleaning, so I make mini tasks and make a goal to just clean the sink today, toilet tomorrow, floor the next day and so on and things stay in order in other areas of my life too. I usually do not write those down, though. They are more goals that I set in my head. Hope that helps!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Des'ree-You Gotta Be(Live)

There are a lot of songs that make me feel something...happy or sad, good or bad. This is a feel good song that lifts me up and motivates me...enjoy.

ahhhhhh....back to school

I have never studied so hard in my whole life. Nothing has ever meant so much to me...I want to be a nurse so I have to get into nursing school. It is hard to believe that All these notes were for my 8 week Anatomy class I took this past summer. (Note: that is a LOT of paper...I will recycle it!) I would calculate daily where I stood in the class...sort of like an obsession with the magical points of the class. The class was worth 1000 points and I had to get 900 or above to get an A. Let me tell you...when I would get 16 out of 20 on a Lab quiz I would be SO mad. That is 4 Points! I ended up surviving the 8 week course and scored a 947. I am now taking Anatomy 2 and it is the same grading system, so here we are again...this time, I have 16 weeks to get through the class, though...a little more reasonable. I am also taking an Interpersonal Communications class (basically-how do we communicate and why) and Technical Writing (which is writing for the workplace). Week 1 of 16 is done and I just have a few more practice tests for Anatomy and PowerPoints to go over. Oh, not sure I ever mentioned, but I currently am taking all my classes online. I only have to go to campus to take the Midterm and Final for my Anatomy class and the rest is all done from the comfort of my home. I love it. I don't have to put my son in daycare and have that extra expense. I am more of an auditory learner and do really well in lecture classes by listening and taking notes, so this has been an adjustment for me. I have to read the WHOLE text book and take notes and then read PowerPoint presentations to clarify what the professor is emphasizing as most important to understand and remember. It will all be worth it when I get that acceptance letter!

What would you do?

Nursing Homes in Crisis

Many new nursing school grads start in nursing homes to gain clinical experience. It is a difficult job and as this article states, many time you do not have the resources you need to care for your patients in the proper way. If I got hired at a nursing home and later became aware of clear violations in the care of patients, I would have to work to make some improvements for my patients (which I am sure is not easy, either!). I am not sure how the RNs, CNS, LPNs and other employees of these facilities could just turn a blind eye. Why were they not reporting some of these violations themselves? I am aware that there would be a fear of losing your job, but really...what is most important? I personally couldn't sleep in my comfy bed at night if I knew that my patients were freezing without heat back in the nursing home.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Why nursing?

Why nursing? Honestly, number one, I love all people. Old or young, it is hard for someone to put me on the defensive or for me to find someone that I really don't like and genuinely care for. People simply intrigue me. I am always subconsciously trying to understand their motivations for their actions and for their words. If someone is angry or yelling, I know that it isn't me (I hope not!). There is something that is making them feel bad-either physically or emotionally that is leading to this negative behavior. I find it exciting to try and determine the cause of their discomfort and to help them feel better. I visited my great uncle in the nursing home he lives in-well exists in...according to him. He feels like people are just waiting for him to die. People wouldn't have to come visit him anymore, the government wouldn't have to keep paying his nursing home bills. I asked him if he goes for walks. He said that he goes up and down the hallway. I told him that everyday he should go outside in the courtyard that they have. To get some fresh air and sit in the sun some with a nice cup of coffee. He didn't know how to program his TV, so I got that all set up...he said there is nothing on that TV that interests him...but I figured the background noise would be nice if he wants it. I then told him to be nice to the nurses. That they are probably overworked and tired and to give them the benefit of the doubt. He agreed. I brought him dinner (he requested mashed potatoes, gravy and a hamburger). He said all they have to eat is boiled chicken and watery fish...ewwww. He is used to my great aunts great cooking. I can't fix everything for him, but I wanted to make it a little nicer and lift his spirits a bit. In the end, he wanted to pay me for getting his he loaded my bag up with cookies that he got on his meal tray every day...I love people. It just fills my heart to see others show their own goodness.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fob watches - my new obsession

So, as a nurse, you are around sickness and infection and you wash your hands about a million times a day. All good. (Time to research the best lotions!) But, ever since I enrolled in school, I have been wanting to order scrubs and nursing shoes and stethoscopes...but. it would be a little premature and insane considering I have not been accepted to the program.

But, even more intriguing than scrubs and stethoscopes is: The Fob Watch!

I love these! They are safer for patients and the nurses because they are more sanitary than a wrist watch and the pink one in particular is plastic and can be washed regularly. I like the heart one!! The pregnant one is too cute!! I am not planning on Labor & Delivery, but I am going to recommend this to my midwife friends! They also have plain circular ones in different colors if you are wanting to be less flashy. The white one is nice, too.

You can only order these out of the UK. I have not found them in the States. They are about $21 shipped...This is going to be my gift to myself if I get into the program :)

Governor can cure sick nursing school system by signing bill - Bee Editorials -

Governor can cure sick nursing school system by signing bill - Bee Editorials -

I don't live in California. I have read this article and fail to see how it is going to "cure" the nursing school system. Just by offering a doctorate in nursing, what does that accomplish? Schools have to be willing to invest in more faculty and more space for the nursing programs.

I am really interested in nursing education. I love to teach and this is one of the areas of nursing that I am going to look into. Working for a university or community college would be good, or I would like to work within the hospital system in a teaching/training/implementation role of new standards and policies. In the hospital setting, my teaching would touch the patients immediately. I am also really interested in doing nursing policies are working. Are they providing the most benefit to patients while at the same time cost effective for the hospitals. I LOVE school and to be able to be in school forever and then teach would be the ultimate for me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here we are...what are my plans

Well here we are...
I have been planning on creating this blog for quite some time. So happy to be here!

Just a little background on me:
Currently, I am taking prerequisites at a community college in order to apply for nursing school clinicals at two different schools. Both programs are very I hear all nursing programs are these days. There seem to be a lot of people that want to become nurses, but not enough faculty, clinical sites, or nursing programs to keep up with the demand. Basically, you have to have straight A's to get into any program. There is a bit of leeway, but not too much. So, suffice to say, it is a bit stressful!

I have a BA in Telecommunications and Italian that I completed a decade ago (really? wow...time flies). Some of the classes that I completed for those degrees transfer onto the co-requisites of the nursing degree...which is really nice. This coming spring, I will be applying for an Associates in Nursing Program (ASN) as well as an Accelerated Bachelors in Nursing (ABSN) program. So far, my grades are good and competitive in order to be in the running for one of the sacred clinical spots in either program. I am currently taking 3 classes...1 of which is REALLY important for entry into the ASN program. Next spring, I will take 2 other classes that are REALLY important for entry into the ABSN program.

So, when do I study? Well...when my 2 year old says it is ok! HA! Actually, mostly during naptime and after he has gone to bed at night. He always looks at my books on my lap, closes them and says, "The End!!" Then he takes my hand and leads me to his toys in his room. Great study buddy, huh! Be back soon...want to show you some of my books and study stuff :)