Tuesday, March 1, 2011

running a mental marathon

Do you ever feel like your head just might explode due to the amount of information that you are trying to cram into it?  Add to it the pressure and stress and my head just might pop off and roll out the door.

I am frantically studying for my two midterms (tip-frantic studying is not effective).  Micro...I am getting there.  I printed off an encyclopedia of study questions and have been reviewing the "few" (42) short video clips that go along with the chapters.  On a positive note...though there are a bagillion videos...they are helpful because I am a visual learner.  The exam covers viruses, microbial nutrition, microbial genetics and genetic engineering.  Microbial genetics was rough and is still pretty foggy in my head.  Viruses and genetic engineering were actually pretty interesting and pretty straight forward.  I need to take the exam by Monday, but I think I might take it today so that I can focus on studying for my Physio exam that is on Saturday.  That one is even crazier!  Nerve plexus routes...damage to the plexus...what happens? How do wee see?  How do we hear?  Which way do you have to be spinning in a vertical axis for depolarization to occur within the hair cells of the ear?  What happens when you stop spinning?  What happens if you have a tumor in the optic channel?  What field of vision is effected?  What happens if the spinal cord at level T5 is completely severed on right side?  I am learning an extraordinary amount of information...all valid...all interesting.  I just somehow wish it was in a more relaxed pace...oh well.

More important than either of these exams is being there for family.  My great uncle passed away and family is coming into town for the showing and funeral which are this Thursday and Friday.  I want to be able to spend as much quality time with them as I can as we don't see each other often.  I work best under stress and deadlines...so all these things at once are a blessing in disguise.  I will survive and come out on the other side wiser, stronger, and probably exhausted and relieved.

I sent my application to the ABSN program last night.  I realized that I am going to have to register for summer school classes required for this program and start to take them before I even know if I have been accepted to the program....real nice!  So, I might spent $2000 for fun...for the fun of Statistics and Life Span Development.  My husband assisted me in convincing myself to take the TEAS again.  It is only $40 and 4 hours of my life and not worth the risk of nonacceptance to the ASN program for a few points (that is provided I can improve my score that much!)  I plan on registering to take it over spring break...which I think is next week?  Or 2 weeks?  I need a week or so to prepare...

So, in order to relax a bit, I tickle and play with my son.  Laugh and act goofy.  Turn the music up loud while cooking.  And breathe in breathe out.  Good luck everyone with midterms!!!!!

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