Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy few weeks..

It has been a hectic few weeks...February is almost over and I don't even think I have had a moments rest.  I started out with my first online Microbiology test.  It went well (94/100).  I have gotten a few low A's and B's on lab quizzes, so I need to really watch my points so that I can retain an A in this one.  We are studying nutrition and microbes right now..what exactly it is they eat to survive-both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.  It is not as interesting as the viruses I studied last week...but I think I will survive!

I had my first Advanced Physiology exam last weekend, too and was extremely happy to have gotten an A on that exam, too.  Since this is the in class/lecture/closed book exam, I was hoping for a B and that is what I had thought I had gotten when I I was presently surprised.  We have moved on to the nervous system and are studying the nerve pathways and the physiological effects of damaged nerves (what part of the body will be effected and how).  My professor suggests putting all the nerve pathways on the refrigerator so that you see them often and they are constantly in your face.  I did just that and it really does help. 

Last weekend, my son turned 3 and I hosted a big party for him with family, friends and neighbors.  It was a tough Friday and Saturday!  I had been shopping for weeks for all the ingredients for the party (at least the ones that would not go bad) and so Friday, I went out to get all the perishables.  I checked and rechecked all my lists and had to go to 3 stores to get everything.   Saturday morning, I woke up and made cupcakes, tiramisu, and mixed the meat mixture for my husbands favorite homemade meatballs.  Then at 11am I went to AP and took my exam, then had lecture and lab and got home at around 4:30ish.  Made all the meatballs and more cupcakes (my son had eaten 4 while I was at school!!! Where was his dad? :)) At 7:30 I had to head to the hospital to volunteer and then got home at 12:30am.  I was exhausted!!! and still had Sunday and the rest of the cooking and party to go.  I got up early Sunday and finished all the cooking and straightening up...felt like death!  (Thank the Lord for good, strong coffee).  The party was a huge success.  Everyone loved the food and my son was so happy and couldn't believe that everyone had come over to celebrate HIS birthday.  He really enjoyed it and went from crazy excited to hugging everyone because he was so happy.  Even though it was tough to fit it all in and I was so tired, he was so happy and it was worth it.  Now a week later, he is still singing happy birthday. 

About 6 months ago, we tried potty training because he is starting preschool in the fall and needs to be totally trained and 6 months ago, it was a totally disaster.  He was just not ready AT ALL!  All he wanted to do was pee and poop all over the house.  He has been a bit more interested lately and even has given himself a goal-if he pee pees and kakas in the potty he can get a geo trax.  This was all him...I am not sure how I feel about bribery, but if it motivates him, I guess I am all for it.  He says that geo trax are for big kids that go pee pee and kaka on the potty and so I said, "So if you go pee pee and kaka on the potty we can get geo trax??"  And he said, "That's right!!"  So, he still refuses to wear underwear, but he has sat on the potty 2 times this week (own doing) with no production, but we are moving in the right direction. 

SO, that is what is going on in my life.  I am also working on my career goals essay for my admissions essay for the ABSN program. It has really gotten me thinking about my ultimate goals in nursing.  I know that I want to be a nurse, but what kind? I love the idea of teaching, but I don't know if that means clinical, or within the workplace or just community outreach.  I also like the idea of research.  I would love to be part of a study that advances nursing and patient care and can improve lives in some way.  That would be so satisfying on so many levels.  I am still thinking and will post it when I am through...


La-La-Liene said...

I have a Geo Trax train out in the garage with Nicky's name all over it. Eriks outgrew it and knew exactly who I wanted to give it to. I can box it up and send it to you. It might need new batteries but I'm pretty sure it works.

Anna said...

That is so sweet of you! How can I repay you? Are you having any luck with Emi? He now won't have anything to do with the potty AND fights diaper changes. I can't wait until we are past this!