Tuesday, May 3, 2011

keep truckin'

I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post.  I have been terribly, terribly busy.  I have been pounded for the past few weeks with exams and other responsibilities that I have not had a moment to reflect.  I fellow classmate asked me to help her study for exams, so tutoring her took some of my time.  I wish she would have done better than she did...I feel someone responsible that her grades were not better, but I know I did my best.  I got an A in Microbiology and provided I pass my AP final, I will also get an A in there.  That final is on Saturday.

I have also been busy trying to learn how another school works...computer systems, email, books, online courses, bursar etc.  I am taking 2 classes over the summer at another school to finalize the co-requisites for the ABSN program.  I am taking Statistics for Business and Economics and Life Span Development (a psychology class).  I have started looking over the syllabus and the psych class looks like a ton of reading and a number of 4-5 page papers.  The statistics class, on the other hand, looks REALLY hard!  I hope that all the special math symbols and excel format do not give me too much trouble.  I am not proficient in excel at all!  I have used it some, but I am still an newbie. Both my summer classes start a week from tomorrow.  I am on the hunt for the text books and I am downloading new software as we speak to so I can open some of the econ files.  It never ends...

Other than that, in my other life as a wife/mother/sister/friend....my son slammed his head on the coffee table and one eyelid is really swollen.  I was really worried...but he seems fine.  I hate when he gets hurt!!  He is so wild and I tell him he needs to slow down and calm down and the response I get is, "But WHY??"  Well, son,  look at your face.

I am helping my brother move on Friday, going to a volunteer update course today and teaching my best friend how to make the world's best potato leek soup tonight.  I love being busy.

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