Monday, November 1, 2010

November already!

I am always caught off guard when the calendar flips to the next month.  November already!  Thanksgiving is almost here, my third anatomy exam, and we are into the 11th week of classes.  I was busy this past week with 2 papers for my Communications and English classes and also worked my way through the Urinary System.  We are now onto Electrolyte and Acid/Base balance this week and then our 3rd exam next week.

Other than that, I am off to vote tomorrow morning and off to an interview at the hospital near my house for the volunteer position I mentioned a few weeks ago.  I am really excited!  I can't wait to hear what opportunities are available and to learn what the interviewer thinks I would be a good fit for in the hospital.

It is 10:35pm...back to studying.  At least one more hour or so...

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