Sunday, December 12, 2010

2nd Night in the ER

Last night was my second night in the Emergency Department and things are going well.  I am responsible for stocking the rooms with supplies and for changing beds after patients leave.  I don't have any patient contact (which is probably good-after all what would I say? "Hi, sorry you are in the ER today.")  From stocking the rooms, I have learned a lot about the supplies (different size needles, catheters, different bandages, urine cups, etc.)  So far, so good.  I like it and find it exciting to be there.  I find myself being shy around the staff...not wanting to get in the way or say something stupid :)  I am sure I will become more confident with time.

I got the sense from one of the nurses (with a BSN) that I should go for my BSN instead of my ASN.  I go back and forth with this and maybe when I apply, my decision will be made for will accept me and one won't.  I am still leaning towards ASN and then doing my BSN online immediately after...

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