Monday, December 20, 2010

Studying for the TEAS

So...I have to admit, studying for the TEAS is such a drag.  (Now, I have the Beastie Boys stuck in my head.)  It is very humbling to learn that something that you were supposed to have learned in elementary school and in high school is no longer stored anywhere in your brain.  How do you calculate the area of a circle?...How about the circumference?.  What about the Pythagorean Theorem? What about dividing, multiplying fractions?  I am having to relearn everything.  Fortunately, algebra has always been easy for me (cha-ching) and I have sailed through that section.

I just got to the science section this evening (YIKES!) and realized I need to majorly brush up on some chemistry and physics.  Anatomy is fresh in my mind, so biology is ok....but the others...starting from scratch. I don't remember if elements are metals, nonmetals...memorizing the periodic table of elements...bonding...not bonding.  And-How many more days until the 30th?

Reading comprehension--I'm pretty good there if I slow down and pay attention.

Vocab-Fair...and fortunately I speak Italian because sometimes when I am looking at a word and thinking That is not a word. I try and think of what it could mean in Italian (root origin type stuff) and it is helping.

Spelling-Horrible.  How do you study for spelling?  Spell check?? No.  How many words are in the English language anyway.  I think I am going to look up the most commonly misspelled word lists on the internet...maybe that will help!  

And then, not to add any pressure onto myself...I realized that this test is the most critical part of the application process.  The school bases admission on 4 classes and this test.  Most people get 4 A's (or retake them to get A's) so the only thing seperating us is this darn test....LOOK I misspelled seperating...s/b separating.

And, it's Christmas.  Who wants to be studying?  I want to be stirring my hot chocolate with a candy cane while singing .  Time to multitask :)

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