Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the uncertainty of the nursing school admissions process

Anyone that is working on their pre-requisites for the admission to a nursing school program knows what it feels like to be uncertain about their future.  What you do know is that you want to be a nurse and end up with that coveted RN behind your name (hopefully!).  You really aren't sure what road will actually get you there or how long it will take. You know that you must keep working towards the goal, no matter what obstacles fall in your path.

I sent my transcripts last week to the ABSN program I am applying to next month.  I received a courtesy letter today in the mail telling me that the transfers have been processed and can be viewed on their website etc etc etc.  I don't even know if I want to be in that program.  Maybe "want" is the wrong term.  I want to be in their program.  I also want to be sure that I am going to get a scholarship to go along with it...and we all know there is no sure thing in the scholarship business.  If I don't get a scholarship, I don't want student loans, so I wouldn't pick the ABSN as my first choice because of the cost.  Then there is my possible ASN program where the application is due April 1st.  They said the applications would be available for pickup starting February, I need to stop by the office to get one.  The ASN program is so much more affordable, it makes me want it more from a cost standpoint, but I want a BSN ultimately, possibly more, and it makes those goals so much further off.  But, it is the financially responsible option.  With the American Opportunity Credit, my tuition only cost me $380 in 2010 for 15 credit hours.  Not so bad!!  I can handle tuition like that!  I am not sure if they are planning on renewing the education credit for 2011, but if it definitely makes it more affordable to be back in school.   

I am still not sure if I am going to attempt to take the TEAS test again for the ASN program.  I haven't heard a lot of scores yet from other people, so I am not sure how I rank.  People are really keeping to themselves about their points this admissions term. I can take it a max of 2 times in 2 years and I have taken it once, so this would be my last chance and if I do take it, I better get a better score!! I would be so disappointed if I wasted the opportunity to improve my score.  My 90 is good, but is it good enough?  I hate to have worked this hard to be short a few points and not be accepted...for possibly 2 years!  The ASBN is straight GPA and I have a 3.85 now which should be good enough, but I have these 2 science classes right now that will be figured in at the end of the semester, so we shall see. 

PLEASE PLEASE let me be admitted SOMEWHERE!  I wish there was someone I could send cupcakes to that upon receiving them would say, "Congratulations, Anna!  Those cupcakes put you over the top.  We would be honored to have you in our nursing program." 

Now that's just silly...I guess I should just go study.

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