Monday, January 31, 2011

Oxygen - Carol Cassella

When I was returning Healer to the library, I buzzed over to the fiction section to see if by chance they had Oxygen and they, with a tinge of guilt knowing I would be reading the novel instead of my Micro book over the next few days, I checked it out.  Cassella's writing style is very simple and is an easy read for a person like me, with a limited vocabulary.  I have to admit that vocab isn't my strongest suite and I DO work on it...I guess....I read.  That is how you work on vocab, right?  Cassella's writing isn't very helpful vocab wise, but is a good read for those pursuing careers in health care.  Like Healer, Oxygen was full of medical terminology and though some parts seems to be plucked out of a Grey's Anatomy episode, I could picture life behind the scenes of a hospital operating room. 

I liked it.  Life changing??? No.  But it left me satisfied.

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