Monday, January 31, 2011

can you hear the crickets??

It has been quite in here, hasn't it?  My son was throwing up for three days (I would say a little prayer after each saltine hoping it would stay never did).  Go figure, that when I gave the kid some lemon cake, he was miraculously cured and it stayed down.  Fats, sugar, food coloring...who knew!  I guess it just had to taste good for it to stay in the tummy.

My biggest worry at this very moment is an ICE STORM that is headed my way.  I am lucky that I don't need to drive anywhere in the weather (also fortunate for all the other drivers on the road....I never can seem to remember which way to turn the wheel when sliding on ice), but my husband is going to have to drive home from work in it in the morning and then back to work in it tomorrow afternoon.  I worry about him :(  He is a good defensive and confident driver...and this might be why I worry.  Is he going to be over confident and drive too fast?  The other reason I am worried about this ice storm is that they are predicting that it is going to bring down trees and power lines.  I can deal with the power out.  I can dress my self up in all my clothes like the State Puff Marshmallow Man and dress my kid up the same and we will have fun.  What I worry about is that I live in a forest up on a hill.  That means:
#1 My house is surrounded by trees that could fall on my house
#2 There is a hill up to my garage and then there is a hill out of our drive way and a hill up the road to get out to the main road....we could be here for days!  It is predicted that to be very cold for days and days...Even if my husband gets home from work, there is no way his car will get off our property!

I did put some water in some pitchers (we are on a no power would mean no water either).  I have my phone charged up (never use the thing...I have a minute by minute plan because I never have the thing on except in emergencies and I throw it in my purse when I work at the hospital) and I charged the emergency radio/storm station thing and the flashlights.  Oh, and I have my 2 oil lamps all ready to go.

So, anyways...I am not thinking at ALL about school right now.  I have to take my first Microbiology exam by next Monday.  I assume we would have power back on by this weekend, right???  Now, I feel like I should be studying to take the exam tomorrow during the day instead of sitting here blogging and drinking a glass of Chianti.  Guilt.  Great. 

I curse winter every year.  I am just not a winter girl.  The summer thunderstorms bother me, too, though.  I always worry the tornado is going to head straight for my house to knock those darn, beautiful 200 year old trees right into my bedroom.  I love to watch a thunderstorm.  I love the rain.  It is the wind that I could do without.  So, where is it I should live so that I don't have any weather worries?  I am not sure there is a perfect place.

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