Monday, January 10, 2011

Trends in Nursing Specialties

Trends in Nursing
I am far from deciding which nursing specialty sounds the most interesting or fits my personality best.  How am I to know until I experience them first hand?  I have been reading books about the ICU, ER and Critical Care and I am finding them ALL fascinating.  This article touches on some of the changes going on in nursing specialties. 

I had my yearly GYN visit today and was talking to my MD about nursing school and my volunteering experiences.  It made me feel so good to talk about it and she was genuinely interested in hearing my ideas and was willing to answer some of my questions.  She made it clear to me that even though I am volunteering in the ER now, it is not a Trauma 1 ER and I MUST MUST volunteer or student extern in a trauma hospital.  She said that all specialties within a trauma hospital are unique and great learning experiences.  Within the trauma hospitals, all specialties receive the sickest and most varied injuries and illnesses.  You are more exposed to transplant patients, serious injury recovery patients, and improved technology.  Good advice from my friendly OBGYN.

The semester started today!  Advanced Physiology and Microbiology, here I come!  I have printed off the syllabuses and lecture outlines...started reading Micro...and then decided to blog :)  Micro is so interesting and I am only on page 12.  I say this because it surprised me!  The AP class is going to go more indepth physiologically on the 2 semesters of Anatomy I just finished.  It will be nice that the info is not brand new, and I am interested in seeing how that class plays hard is it going to actually be....hmmmm.

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