Sunday, August 29, 2010

What would you do?

Nursing Homes in Crisis

Many new nursing school grads start in nursing homes to gain clinical experience. It is a difficult job and as this article states, many time you do not have the resources you need to care for your patients in the proper way. If I got hired at a nursing home and later became aware of clear violations in the care of patients, I would have to work to make some improvements for my patients (which I am sure is not easy, either!). I am not sure how the RNs, CNS, LPNs and other employees of these facilities could just turn a blind eye. Why were they not reporting some of these violations themselves? I am aware that there would be a fear of losing your job, but really...what is most important? I personally couldn't sleep in my comfy bed at night if I knew that my patients were freezing without heat back in the nursing home.

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