Sunday, August 29, 2010

ahhhhhh....back to school

I have never studied so hard in my whole life. Nothing has ever meant so much to me...I want to be a nurse so I have to get into nursing school. It is hard to believe that All these notes were for my 8 week Anatomy class I took this past summer. (Note: that is a LOT of paper...I will recycle it!) I would calculate daily where I stood in the class...sort of like an obsession with the magical points of the class. The class was worth 1000 points and I had to get 900 or above to get an A. Let me tell you...when I would get 16 out of 20 on a Lab quiz I would be SO mad. That is 4 Points! I ended up surviving the 8 week course and scored a 947. I am now taking Anatomy 2 and it is the same grading system, so here we are again...this time, I have 16 weeks to get through the class, though...a little more reasonable. I am also taking an Interpersonal Communications class (basically-how do we communicate and why) and Technical Writing (which is writing for the workplace). Week 1 of 16 is done and I just have a few more practice tests for Anatomy and PowerPoints to go over. Oh, not sure I ever mentioned, but I currently am taking all my classes online. I only have to go to campus to take the Midterm and Final for my Anatomy class and the rest is all done from the comfort of my home. I love it. I don't have to put my son in daycare and have that extra expense. I am more of an auditory learner and do really well in lecture classes by listening and taking notes, so this has been an adjustment for me. I have to read the WHOLE text book and take notes and then read PowerPoint presentations to clarify what the professor is emphasizing as most important to understand and remember. It will all be worth it when I get that acceptance letter!

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