Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fob watches - my new obsession

So, as a nurse, you are around sickness and infection and you wash your hands about a million times a day. All good. (Time to research the best lotions!) But, ever since I enrolled in school, I have been wanting to order scrubs and nursing shoes and stethoscopes...but. it would be a little premature and insane considering I have not been accepted to the program.

But, even more intriguing than scrubs and stethoscopes is: The Fob Watch!

I love these! They are safer for patients and the nurses because they are more sanitary than a wrist watch and the pink one in particular is plastic and can be washed regularly. I like the heart one!! The pregnant one is too cute!! I am not planning on Labor & Delivery, but I am going to recommend this to my midwife friends! They also have plain circular ones in different colors if you are wanting to be less flashy. The white one is nice, too.

You can only order these out of the UK. I have not found them in the States. They are about $21 shipped...This is going to be my gift to myself if I get into the program :)

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