Monday, August 30, 2010

Motivation...where does it come from

There are so many days, nights, weekends....ok...a lot of times that there are so many other things that I would rather be doing than studying. I love to cook and could spend hours reading cookbooks and dreaming about new dishes to make. I love to come up with great tasting dishes with all the left over greens and other veggies and stuff in my pantry. I also love to play with my kid and hate it when I am studying and I get annoyed by him because I know he just wants some attention and a playmate. Studying, for me, a lot of times is deadline motivated only. What works for me is this...

On Sundays, I make a plan for the week of all the chapters I have to read, quizzes I need to take, exams I need to study for etc...and it looks a bit like this:

Note: This is not a to-do list. Those have never worked for me...I have to have dates and deadlines or it is too overwhelming and seemingly unachievable at first glance.

Read Chapter 16 Anatomy
Quiz Communications

Do practice quizzes Ch 16 Anatomy
Discussion Board English
Start paper Comm

etc etc etc

and then I celebrate when I get to cross things off and as long as it isn't a due date I have missed, I have no problem moving things to the next day. It keeps me focused and goal oriented and not overwhelmed. Also, I make mini goals as I am working through a chapter, too. If there are 5 sections in a chapter, I make a goal to get 2 sections done by lunch, for example and really strive to meet my mini goals so the big goals are easier to meet. I guess, now that I think about it, I do this in other parts of my life too. I never want to spend hours in the bathroom cleaning, so I make mini tasks and make a goal to just clean the sink today, toilet tomorrow, floor the next day and so on and things stay in order in other areas of my life too. I usually do not write those down, though. They are more goals that I set in my head. Hope that helps!

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