Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here we are...what are my plans

Well here we are...
I have been planning on creating this blog for quite some time. So happy to be here!

Just a little background on me:
Currently, I am taking prerequisites at a community college in order to apply for nursing school clinicals at two different schools. Both programs are very I hear all nursing programs are these days. There seem to be a lot of people that want to become nurses, but not enough faculty, clinical sites, or nursing programs to keep up with the demand. Basically, you have to have straight A's to get into any program. There is a bit of leeway, but not too much. So, suffice to say, it is a bit stressful!

I have a BA in Telecommunications and Italian that I completed a decade ago (really? wow...time flies). Some of the classes that I completed for those degrees transfer onto the co-requisites of the nursing degree...which is really nice. This coming spring, I will be applying for an Associates in Nursing Program (ASN) as well as an Accelerated Bachelors in Nursing (ABSN) program. So far, my grades are good and competitive in order to be in the running for one of the sacred clinical spots in either program. I am currently taking 3 classes...1 of which is REALLY important for entry into the ASN program. Next spring, I will take 2 other classes that are REALLY important for entry into the ABSN program.

So, when do I study? Well...when my 2 year old says it is ok! HA! Actually, mostly during naptime and after he has gone to bed at night. He always looks at my books on my lap, closes them and says, "The End!!" Then he takes my hand and leads me to his toys in his room. Great study buddy, huh! Be back soon...want to show you some of my books and study stuff :)

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