Friday, August 27, 2010

Why nursing?

Why nursing? Honestly, number one, I love all people. Old or young, it is hard for someone to put me on the defensive or for me to find someone that I really don't like and genuinely care for. People simply intrigue me. I am always subconsciously trying to understand their motivations for their actions and for their words. If someone is angry or yelling, I know that it isn't me (I hope not!). There is something that is making them feel bad-either physically or emotionally that is leading to this negative behavior. I find it exciting to try and determine the cause of their discomfort and to help them feel better. I visited my great uncle in the nursing home he lives in-well exists in...according to him. He feels like people are just waiting for him to die. People wouldn't have to come visit him anymore, the government wouldn't have to keep paying his nursing home bills. I asked him if he goes for walks. He said that he goes up and down the hallway. I told him that everyday he should go outside in the courtyard that they have. To get some fresh air and sit in the sun some with a nice cup of coffee. He didn't know how to program his TV, so I got that all set up...he said there is nothing on that TV that interests him...but I figured the background noise would be nice if he wants it. I then told him to be nice to the nurses. That they are probably overworked and tired and to give them the benefit of the doubt. He agreed. I brought him dinner (he requested mashed potatoes, gravy and a hamburger). He said all they have to eat is boiled chicken and watery fish...ewwww. He is used to my great aunts great cooking. I can't fix everything for him, but I wanted to make it a little nicer and lift his spirits a bit. In the end, he wanted to pay me for getting his he loaded my bag up with cookies that he got on his meal tray every day...I love people. It just fills my heart to see others show their own goodness.

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