Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nursing Shoes...what is a girl to do?

I confess...I am kind of a shoe girl and nursing shoes are not...well...very exciting or stylish. There are 4 major reasons:

1. Anti-slip - you don't want to slip and fall EVER! Imagine falling while transferring a patient or inserting an IV or carrying some urine to the dump in the get the picture. You want to stay planted on your it is really important to get shoes that are designed and advertised as anti-slip.

2. Plain Jane - You want to minimize the exposed ties, crevices and creases. It is more hygienic to have a really plain solid piece of leather exposed because during the course of your day, "stuff" will get on them and at the end of the day, you are going to want to rub them down with some rubbing alcohol or something to disinfect them. If you have ties and other layers of cloth or leather, they will not get as clean and that is well...gross.

3. White - I know for the nursing schools that I am trying to get into, the shoes must be ALL white. No other colors at all. This is limiting, and honestly...I have not worn all white shoes since I had Keds in grade school. It is part of the uniform and it is important, so I have been on the lookout for some good looking white shoes.

4. Comfort - This probably should be Number 1!! As a nurse or nursing student, you are on your feet all day long. Running here and there to get things and checking on your patients and reporting back to the nursing station and then moving here and there - patients, supplies, name it. Comfort is very important and one reason why I will be going to shoe stores to pick out my shoes...I want to try them on!

Here are some that I have found on the internet that look kind of good...but I would have to try them on first to know for sure! Have you seen any good shoes you can recommend?

Shoe One
Shoe Two
Shoe Three


La-La-Liene said...

Anna, most of the nurses I know wear either Crocs, really good tennis shoes or other good slip on shoes such as Clarks or Born. Not a single one of them have I seen wear any of the shoes you showed. Oh, and you definitely want darker colored shoes because of the blood, vomit or whatever else you may encounter!

Anna said...

I want a darker color, but the schools say only white. BOO! I have never been a huge fan of Crocs. I have heard they are really comfortable, but they are just not me. I will have to check out Clarks and Born. THANKS!! And thanks for checking out my blog!!

La-La-Liene said...

I love my Crocs. I'd love to get some lined ones that are fuzzy on the inside. I wonder why the schools say only white. Maybe it's their way of marking you as a student nurse. Look at to see what's available. I think they offer free return shipping if they don't work. I've heard it's a great site to order shoes from. Good luck finding something you like.