Wednesday, September 1, 2010 near fight with a preschooler and his mother

I had a run in with a 3 year old little boy today at the Splash Pad near my house. He was picking on my 2.5 year old by calling him "Stupid Poopy Diaper Butt" and "Stupid Baby" (he did not have a poopy diaper, by the way) and at one point this kid cocked his arm back like he was about to slug my unsuspecting, innocent son. I ran to rescue my son and let the little boy know I was watching him and then glared around the park to locate the mother of this little monster. And there she was, hands on the hips and said, "Oh, boys will be boys." Oh really, lady. I felt like cocking my arm back, but instead decided to retreat with my son to the other jungle gym. I was pretty bothered by the whole incident for some time after and throughout the evening, wondering how a mother could let her kid be such a bully.

And then this evening, thinking about what my blog post should be about, I came to peace with the mother and her sweet child.

I am not going to be able to protect my son from bullies his whole life. He will learn about them sooner or later when so-and-so doesn't want to play, hits, or calls him "Stupid Poppy Diaper Butt." I am just going to teach him that people aren't always in a good mood and sometimes are having a bad day and say the wrong things. There is some saying about making your own sunshine...Irish maybe? And to always try and help them be less grumpy. If they won't let you, that's ok and just move on. I know for a fact that I am going to meet a lot of grumpy people when I am a nurse that have no desire to be at the doctor's, the hospital, or to hear they are diagnosed with something that they never thought could ever happen to them. Those are going to be hard days where I will have to bring my own sunshine and an umbrella for everyone else who feels it is pouring down on them.

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